Paradise Island Resort Maldives – The Ultimate Paradise

Paradise Island Resort Maldives is the ultimate paradise for all those who love to relax and have fun. This resort is located in the Maldives and has a beautiful white sandy beach that makes people feel like they are on a tropical island. If you enjoy the beach, this is the resort for you. This resort is located on the island of Funafuti, and if you have other travel plans, you may want to consider visiting Funafuti instead. 

You can also visit Fijian Island as well as other islands by boat. If you want to enjoy a lot of fun with your family or friends, this resort may be perfect for you. This is a great place to have an excellent time and get away from the hustle of work. If you like to swim in the sea while enjoying the beauty of this island, then this is an ideal place.

How Did It Come To Be A World-Class Destination?

The resort was founded by the family of a famous British MP in 1947. The resort was initially called “the Maldive Islands.” In the 1950s, it became known as “Paradise Island Resort” and changed its name to “Maldives” in 1971. It was restored to its original name in 1992. In 2005, the resort became a member of Starwood Hotels & amp; Resorts Worldwide and is a subsidiary of the Marriott International (MCI) conglomerate. 

The resort is marketed as part of the Starwood brand and features promotions for hotels worldwide, including menus at some Marriott hotels worldwide. The resort features various dining choices, including “The Sand Bar,” a restaurant open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The “Dolphin Café Restaurant” serves light meals during the day. Nightly entertainment includes live acts and DJs. The resort also has a full-service spa with steam rooms, massage studios, saunas, and Jacuzzis. Paradise Island Golf and Spa Resort’s nearest “official” airport is Pulau Perhentian, located on the island of Pulau Pangkor.

The specialty of Paradise Island Resort Maldives

The Paradise Island Resort Maldives is a luxury resort in the Indian Ocean. It is one of the world’s most expensive resorts, and it is a favorite destination for tourists worldwide. The resort has a beautiful beach, luxurious villas, and a private island where they can enjoy an unforgettable holiday experience. Many companies offer packages that include accommodation, food, and drinks at reasonable prices.

If you are looking for a holiday that will be unforgettable, you should consider the Maldives for your next vacation. The resort has beautiful rooms and all the facilities you would expect from a luxurious hotel in the Maldives. The lobby is located on the first floor and is very comfortable because of its ambiance. All rooms have smart TVs, and the bathrooms have beautiful waterfalls. 

Some rooms also feature a Jacuzzi, and some have outdoor pools. The hotel has a private island which is said to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world. They say that it is so beautiful that only celebrities, who can pay for this luxury villa, could stay here for a long holiday.

Types Of Rooms At Paradise Island Resort Maldives

Two Bedroom Ocean Suite with Pool

Take in stunning views of the stunning sparkling lagoon along with the ocean that lies beyond it from the windows of your private suite. Take advantage of exclusive use of the freshwater infinity edge private pool. Make plans for a luxurious vacation with these two spacious bedrooms. Accommodations include an excellent living area, a walk-in closet, and a dressing area.

  • Size: 386
  • View: Lagoon/Ocean
  • Beds: 2 King Beds
  • Maximum Adults: 4 
  • Minimum Adults: 1 
  • Maximum Children: 2
  • Maximum Occupancy: 6

One Bedroom Ocean Suite with Pool

The Haven Suites at Paradise Island Resort are a dream getaway in the stunning lagoon with a private pool, sundeck, and jacuzzi.

  • Size: 237 
  • View: Lagoon/Ocean
  • Beds: 1 King Bed
  • Max. Adults: 2 
  • Min. Adults: 1 
  • Max. Children: 2
  • Max. Occupancy: 4

The Haven Suite has an en-suite bedroom, a living area, an in-built wardrobe, and a dressing area. Outside, a vast private veranda is furnished with comfy sun beds, a private outdoor freshwater pool, and breathtaking views of the blue ocean of the stunning Indian Ocean that extends from just beneath your feet.

Water Villa with Whirlpool

Paradise Island resort offers an isolated enclave of Maldives villas with stunning ocean views and numerous exquisite amenities, ideal for those seeking the ultimate Maldivian holiday.

  • Size: 100 
  • View: Lagoon/Ocean
  • Beds: 1 King Bed
  • Max. Adults: 2 
  • Min. Adults: 1 
  • Max. Children: 1
  • Max. Occupancy: 3

The villa is built on stilts that are directly over the water. In The Exclusive Haven complex, the Haven Villa has an exclusive Jacuzzi and a staircase that opens into the pool and sundeck, where guests can take in the breathtaking views of the clear water that offers the ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Water Villa

Our stunning 40 semi-detached Water Villas provide Paradise Island Resort with the ultimate accommodations for luxury and leisure. These stunning Water villas are bright big, spacious, and beautifully equipped.

  • Size: 90 
  • View: Lagoon/Ocean
  • Beds: 1 King Bed
  • Max. Adults: 2 
  • Min. Adults: 1 
  • Max. Children: 1
  • Max. Occupancy: 3

Every water bungalow has an individual staircase leading to the crystal clear water below – ideal for swimming or snorkeling. Relax for a few hours one or two feet above the turquoise ocean waters that flow into the Indian Ocean, soaking up the sun on your private chaise while being treated by our friendly staff.

Beach Villa

Just behind the beach’s tree line, The Superior beach bungalows offer the most luxurious tropical experience with a view of the sea, sun, and sand.

  • Size: 53 
  • View: Beach
  • Beds: 1 Double Bed
  • Max. Adults: 3 
  • Min. Adults: 2 
  • Max. Children: 1
  • Max. Occupancy: 3

The room has everything you require for comfort, from tastefully made furniture, comfortable seating with satellite TV, and air cooling to ambient lighting. Walk through to the patio with tiled views of the beach. It is complete with comfy sun loungers, where you can lie down to enjoy every sunbathing experience you imagine, and a perfect spot to spend an afternoon reading or soaking up the ocean’s breeze. A few steps further, you’ll find yourself in the tranquil lagoon, surrounded by the island.

Sunset Beach Pool Villa

Relax in the afternoon sun in your private beach Cabana with your loved ones while you take advantage of the private pool at Beach Pool Villas of Paradise Island Resort.

  • Size: 140 
  • View: Beach view
  • Beds: 1 King Bed
  • Max. Adults: 2 
  • Min. Adults: 1 
  • Max. Children: 1
  • Max. Occupancy: 3

Deluxe Beach Pool Villa

These rooms feature modern style and facilities with a fantastic view of the lagoons, offering a unique Maldivian experience.

  • Size: 150 
  • View: Beach view
  • Beds: 1 King Bed
  • Max. Adults: 2 
  • Min. Adults: 1 
  • Max. Children: 1
  • Max. Occupancy: 3

 Enjoy Water Sports In Paradise Island Resort Maldives

If you’re brave enough to play a few sports that aren’t too intimidating, you can choose from many water sports to take part in. Catamaran sailing, as well as windsurfing and canoeing, are among the most sought-after water sports that are offered at Paradise Island Resort.

  • Snorkeling
  • Morning fishing
  • Sunset Dolphin
  • Half-day or full-day island to hopping
  • Photo flight with Seaplane
  • Submarine Excursion
  • Visit Male’ (Capital
  • Big Game fishing
  • Night fishing
  • Deep-sea

Spa services in Paradise Island Resort Maldives

A peaceful holiday must include the element of relaxation to release the daily tension from your body. The ideal place to do this would be Araamu Spa, located in the most serene parts of the island.


It’s Araamu Spa tucked away in an undiscovered corner of the island, has 17 treatment rooms to enjoy Massages, treatments for the body, and facials. Of those, the rooms are designed explicitly for Ayurveda treatment, and one room is specifically for hydrotherapy treatment. Each treatment room has an exterior courtyard, shower, and flower bathing area, making it a perfect treatment option. Every treatment at this spa will leave you feeling like you are in a beautiful space.

Restaurants & Bars In Paradise Island Resort Maldives

Marathi Restaurant 

Suppose you are interested in the concept of dining in an ocean-view atmosphere and the variety of seafood like Maldivian lobster. Then Farumathi Restaurant is the spot to visit.

Fukuya Restaurant

The Japanese restaurant serves a full a la carte menu with various food items. Enjoy the excitement of live teppanyaki cooking as chefs prepare the most famous seafood, such as steak and chicken, as well as fresh, delicious sushi and sushi. A wide range of sakes and Japanese beers are also available.

Ristorante Al Tramonto

The Italian bar and restaurant situated on stilts above the house reef that faces the sunset sun and looks out over the ocean in its blue hue are brimming with flavors from Rome and an ambiance that is a reflection of the Italian love of good food, excellent service and enjoyable times. Food and drinks are served on the outside terrace, offering an intimate, cozy ambiance where you can relax and enjoy your favorite Italian food or drink.

Lagoon Restaurant

Lagoon restaurant is set among the water villas, with beautiful views of the blue sky and the sea. It provides a full menu that is rich in variety and flavor. Dining here will be unforgettable. Restaurants are open for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner. It offers a sophisticated buffet for meals. It specializes in catering to people who reside in bungalows with water and who have reserved their meals.

Athiri Bar

This is the heart of Paradise Island. The bar offers a great ambiance and atmosphere to spend time in.

Summary – Paradise Island Resort Maldives

Paradise Island Resort & Spa Maldives is a luxury resort and spa that offers guests a wide range of amenities. There are many features such as the beach, the pool, the sauna, the gym, etc., and all of them come with great discounts for guests.

The resort has several accommodations, including villas, beachfront suites, and oceanfront villas. If you ever get a chance to travel to the Maldives, visit Paradise Island Resort & Spa. You can book your stay here. Subscribe to our newsletter to get such updates about hotels and resorts. Have a great holiday. 

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