Things to do in Canada during winter

Canada is a perfect spot for winter. While many people think of curling up in a warm blanket with fire and hot chocolate, but is packed with surprisingly incredible things to do and see. Some might be near to you and some may want you to walk around hustle a bit. Canada during winters is a spectacular thing to witness. It turns into a dreamy wonderland. And once you know how to dress for the winters, the weather will automatically embrace you in its beautiful scenery.

The country boasts everything from unique activities and experiences, from dog-sledging to some authentic winter adventures such as skating and skiing. Also, not to forget that Canada hosts some of the world’s biggest and most memorable winter festivals. Every region of Canada offers its own spin on what makes you get up and enjoy the winter. With all these, we have picked some of the best things to do in Canada in winter offering some of the best adventures and sights on your trip. So, grab your Canada visa and get ready for the ultimate winter trip. 

Skiing in the Mountains

You are in Canada, that too in the winter season and forget skiing? Well, not recommended. The beautiful Canadian weather offers one of the best skiing experiences in the snow-capped peaks. The clear mountain air will reenergize your body and soul while sloping down the mountains has the adventure experience.

There are nearly 20 ski resorts in Canada which are some of the best in the world. Choose from laid-back, authentic and local mountains to world-class resorts featuring lavish suites and amenities. Skiing in one of the mountains of Canada is definitely an excellent family vacation idea. Some of the top-rated destinations include SilverStar, Lake Louise, Big White, and Sunshine Village.

Winter Carnival at Quebec City Aka Carnaval de Quebec

One of the popular things to do in Quebec as well as Canada is participating in the Quebec city winter carnival. The city hosts a unique yet incredible festival where the joie de vivre of Quebec opens its doors to the personified, beaming, walking, a whooping seven foot tall snowman known as Bonhomme.

Carnaval de Quebec is the biggest winter carnival in the world hosted annually at the end of January through mid-February. This carnival is huge and staged for families across the world to enjoy, embrace and celebrate the cold while wearing the traditional red sash. You will witness parades, events, live music, and one of the best culinary offerings.

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Enjoy skating on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa

One of the most iconic things to do in Canada during winter is ice skating on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. Boasting itself as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rideau Canal is a great destination for families looking for a fun skating adventure.

Every winter the canal freezes offering the largest natural skating rink in the world which sits in the heart of the city. The canal stretches for over eight km passing through some of the major buildings of Ottawa. These include the famous Fairmont Chateau Laurier up to the Parliament buildings. The natural skate way has five warming huts, famous beavertails, and a hot drink stall to make it a perfect activity.

Things to do in Canada during winter

Witness the frozen Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is undoubtedly one of the famous attractions in Canada drawing millions of visitors every year. Witness how the summer crowds are completely vanished, the walkways are clear and mystical, and the lineup is never seen. It is a perfect timing with the most breath-taking sight of your life.

Despite the freezing weather, the powerful moving waters keep falling but simultaneously, you get to witness the marvels of icy crystals created along the cliffs and shorelines. Do not forget to keep your camera ready, as the beautiful photos of icy wonders will tempt you to take more dreamy pictures than you may expect.

Go dog-sledging

A legendary winter adventure activity in Canada, dog-sledging is one of the most memorable things to do. Whether you are in Canada for two weeks or a few days, this activity is a must. Dog-sledging is available almost anywhere in the country that embraces a lot of snow.

Dog-sledging in Canada is so popular and the most-experience activity that you can go sliding and sloping in all thirteen provinces and territories of Canada. It consists of a musher to control the dogs and ensure you are in safe hands and a pack of eight to more dogs who want nothing more than some treats and run fast in the snow.

See the rewarding Northern lights of your life

The northern lights or aurora borealis are one of the best ariel shows of nature that will leave you spell-bind. Canada is not often associated with the best place to witness the northern light, however, some do not know the fact that it falls under the aurora oval. This treats the most astounding wonder of  mother nature.

There are several spots offering good views of the northern lights, but the easiest places as a tourist are just on the outskirts of Yellowknife and Whitehorse. If you want to explore some off-beaten tracks and find your own way, you have plenty of trails and a wide collection of the best hotels.

Enjoy the best Hot Spring ever

Yes, Canada has some of the finest collections of hot springs found across the country. Some of the popular ones are located in Banff National Park and date back to 1886. These historic springs do nothing more than soothe your tired muscles and rejuvenate your body. They have been operational for over 135 years!

Soak in the warm and rich waters as you see the hot steam rising around you. Enjoy the stunning views of the snow-capped mountains that sit in the distance. These hot springs are a great thing to do after a long day of snowboarding, skiing or dog-sledging. Once you are done soothing your soul and body in these hot springs, take a stroll down the town and enjoy a dinner at one of the best restaurants.

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Experience Ice fishing

The experience of exploring the icy edges of the lake in the middle of cold winter and try fishing is a whole new adventure. You may or may not bag the fish on the first pass, but once you get hold of the crucial details of fishing, the adventure begins. It starts to sound more fun and rewarding.

While ice fishing you need to pay attention to tiny details and understand the fishing process. You will set up your fishing rod by the hole and make sure that the rod does not go down the hole. Now, you sit and wait. If you are lucky or know what’s going on, it will not take much time to catch a fish. However, the process is slow and requires a lot of patience. But don’t worry, spend time playing cards or board games, reading a book, or enjoying hot beverages.

Canada features freezing cold weather in most regions. But despite the weather, many cities and parts of the country embrace cold and host events to celebrate some of the memorable moments of your life. There are numerous things to do in Canada in winter, you may either want an adventurous vacation or want to spend your days in a cozy home with some warm servings. It’s up to you, but Canada has something for everyone. 

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