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Experience the magic of Bali in a whole new way with our Bali travel packages!

If you’re looking for a dream vacation that’s as far away from reality as possible, then look no further than the island of Bali. It’s a place where it’s always sunny, the food is amazing, and the people are incredibly friendly. But what about all the things that make Bali such a great place to visit? Do you want to know all the best things to do in Bali? Do you want to know the best Bali travel packages? If so, then read on! 

If you’re looking for a way to experience Bali in a whole new way, then look no further than our Bali travel packages. We have a wide range of Bali holiday packages, including luxury villas, self-catering apartments, and a wide range of other accommodation options. We’ve created a special Bali travel packages that will allow you to experience the island like never before.

1. Mission Possible 4: Bali/Thailand/Cambodia/Malaysia

The tour starts in Bangkok (1 night), where you will visit the main historical and religious sites, and explore Thailand. Then you will continue to Phuket Island (3 nights), where beaches and nature awaits you. Next, you will go to Krabi and drive to Ao Nang (Krabi province). You will be also visiting the beautiful beach with karst caves, and the monkeys.

After three nights in Ao Nang, you will move to Indonesia. It’s home to thousands of islands and gorgeous beaches, rice terraces, waterfalls, and temples. You will spend more than 4 days (3 nights) there. After the tour ends, you will visit the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, for 3 nights. You will also visit the famous Angkor archaeological complex.

Mission Possible 4: Bali/Thailand/Cambodia/Malaysia

2. Active Bali In Comfort holiday package

There are many beautiful places in the world, but none are as magical as Bali. It’s one of the least inhabited of all the Indonesian islands. People come here to celebrate life and enjoy its cultural heritage. Bali is home to Hinduism and Buddhism. You’ll get a glimpse of real Balinese life, you’ll feel the true Balinese spirit and learn more about their unique traditions.

In addition to the Island of Gods, we have prepared for you an exciting and extremely emotional trip to Java, where in two days we will visit two sleeping volcanoes and meet a stunning the beauty of dawn and see the world of sulfur miners from the inside.

We’ve added even more to Bali travel packages. It includes two nights at the Royal Bali Village Hotel & Spa, a special tour, private transfer, and a breakfast for two. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Bali from your own veranda. There are a lot of things to do in Bali besides swimming with mantami. On Penida’s neighboring island, you can swim with the giants and see what Bali was like 50 years ago.

Active Bali In Comfort holiday package

3. Hello Bali travel packages

This is a primarily an active tour where we will have time to visit the most different and dissimilar corners of the island. The program includes a visit to nearby Island Nusa Penida (in some programs Gili).

  • Beaches with white sand
  • Black sand beaches
  • Volcanoes
  • Waterfalls
  • Rice terraces
  • Temples
  • Nature of amazing beauty
  • New interesting acquaintances

In the tour we will stay in four to five locations in Bali, which will give us a chance to experience the island from different angles, become familiar with its diversity, and discover what attracts millions of tourists around the world.

Hello Bali travel packages

4. Indonesia Tour Package- 13-day

This Indonesia adventure tour offers backpackers a truly magical trip through a stunning country. We journey through Java, Bali, and the Gili Islands, discover Indonesia’s amazing natural beauty, and learn about the country’s culture. This amazing adventure tour takes in so much of the country’s highlights, but you might need more than one trip! From watching orang-utans in the wild to relaxing on black sand beaches- this is a great trip to enjoy.

You’ll experience a rich culture and spectacular natural beauty on this Indonesian adventure tour. Take an immersive trip through this fascinating country. Learn about the rich culture and history of this country as you visit its main sights, such as the temples, mosques, rice terraces and local hangouts.

Indulge yourself in the natural beauty of Mount Bromo and the Madakaripura Waterfalls, snorkel through Bali’s crystal-clear waters, and embrace Ubud. Get out there and see the beauty of Indonesia while you party. Indulge in amazing sunsets and go clubbing in the city of Surabaya. Indonesia’s “island of a thousand wonders” offers countless unique sights, sounds and experiences that are hard to find anywhere else in the world.

13-day Indonesia Tour

5. Java and Bali travel packages – Heart of Indonesia

Take a trip to the heart of the Malay archipelago. You’ll experience unique culture, life and exotic nature of the two main islands. Our adventure begins in the cultural capital of Yogyakarta. Then we make a few stops, before we dive in to some real adventures.

  • Walk in one of the largest palaces in the world, Kraton, where 20 thousand servants lived
  • Meet the unforgettable sunrises among the unearthly landscapes of Bromo and Ijen volcanoes
  • Jump into the turquoise water of the waterfalls in the middle of the wild jungle
  • Visit traditional Javanese houses and an original bazaar of medicinal plants and spices
  • Explore the world famous Buddhist and Hindu shrines of Borobudur and Prambanan
  • Raft on the fabulous Ayung River in Bali
  • Relax on the most beautiful beaches of Bali
Java and Bali travel packages - Heart of Indonesia

6. Java, Bali and New Year on Togean islands

We’ll explore the main holy sites of Indonesia, hike volcanoes, swim in the beautiful clear water, and meet unforgettable New Year on the paradise beaches on the beautiful islands of Indonesia.

  • Explore the world famous complexes of Borobodur and Prambanan on the island of Java
  • Feel like on another planet among the Martian landscapes of the Bromo and Ijen volcanoes
  • Watch traditional fire dancing in Bali
  • Discover the most diverse underwater world on Togean islands
  • Relax on the beaches with white sand and clear water, where we will be the only visitors!
  • Visit settlements of Sama-Bajau people, known as the last sea nomads
Java, Bali and New Year on Togean islands

7. New Year on the paradise islands of Indonesia: Java, Bali, Raja Ampat

This year will rock your world! We’re going to celebrate New Year’s Eve on some of the most spectacular locations on earth, including deserted islands in the middle of the most unique coral reef of our planet.

We’ll celebrate at the peak of a volcano, at the bottom of an active volcano, and in the middle of a huge active volcano crater. Then we’ll make a special journey to the island of Java where we’ll explore the 9th century Buddhist shrine of Borobudur and the complex of Prambanan temples. You will enjoy the pristine waterfalls of Bali in the middle of the pristine jungle and beaches on the tiny uninhabited islands of Raja Ampat.

New Year on the paradise islands of Indonesia: Java, Bali, Raja Ampat

8. Malaysia, New Year on Togean islands, and Java

A vigorous journey through the two neighboring countries will lead us to the super modern capital of Kuala Lumpur, the narrow streets between Chinese shop houses and to the wooden houses on the water on the Togean islands.

We’ll walk in the old Chinese districts of Malacca and Georgetown in Malaysia, visit the last sea nomads, Sama-Bajau people, and jump into warm Madakaripura waterfalls the highest of which is 200 meters tall.

Relax on a volcanic beach on Bali, learn more about Buddhism and Hinduism by exploring the world-famous Borobodur and Prambanan complexes, enjoy dawns on the tops of two volcanoes – Bromo and Ijen on the island of Java.

Malaysia, New Year on Togean islands, and Java

9. New Year on Togean islands, Java and Bali travel packages

We begin with the celebration of an unforgettable New Year in paradise, the Togean Islands. You’re not alone, even if you are on the beach. You will be surrounded by beautiful people doing the same. Then we will visit the most stunning places in Indonesia.

  • Experience all the highlights of Indonesia – the famous complexes Borobodur and Prambanan.
  • Feel like on another planet among the martian landscapes on top of Bromo and Ijen volcanoes .
  • Watch traditional Kechak fire dancing in Bali.
  • Jump in picturesque waterfalls in the middle of the pristine jungle.
  • Visit the last sea nomads of the world – Sama-Bajau people.
New Year on Togean islands, Java and Bali travel packages

10. Malaysia and Java island, Indonesia. Introduction to Malay world

Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu are great destinations for anyone interested in famous landmarks and culture.

  • We’ll travel through the bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur, the Penang island, and the historical city of Melaka.
  • On the Indonesian island of Java we explore the famous complexes of Borobudur and Prambanan, visit the ancient volcano of Mount Brom.
Malaysia and Java island, Indonesia. Introduction to Malay world

11. North Bali travel packages – 3Days/2Nights

On this tour you’ll visit some of the most popular places in Bali including Lovina area in the north of Bali, Bedugul, Banjar Hot Springs, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, Rahma Vihara Arama, Banjar Buddhist Temple, Tegenungan Waterfall, rice terraces of Tegallalang, Tirta Empul, Uluwatu temple, Jatiluwih.

  • Go to Lovina, the area north of Bali on the Java Sea. You’ll discover a variety of temples found in different locations.
  • Head to Bedugul is a mountain resort situated 2,700 feet (850m) above sea level. It’s a short distance from Tegallalang and offers panoramic views of rice terraces in the village, the waterfalls at Tegenungan and Mount Batukaru.
  • If you’re interested in visiting more than one place on your trip, head to the nearby small town of Bedugul.
North Bali travel packages - 3Days/2Nights

12. Yoga on the move (Thailand and Bali)

During this tour, we will explore 3 vibrant locations of Thailand, starting in Bangkok, heading to Phuket, Krabi, and finishing in paradise island of Koh Samui. Buddhism is a spiritual tradition of the world. We will learn about the different aspects of Buddhism such as the history of the religion, the core beliefs of Buddhism, and visit Buddhist temples.

From Thailand we travel to Indonesia, the island of Bali, where we explore its beaches, rice terraces, waterfalls and temples. A well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important to the health of your mind, body and spirit. Author tour and retreats allow you to develop those areas of your life.

Yoga on the move (Thailand and Bali)

Summary – Bali holiday package

In conclusion, we hope this post will inspire you to start planning your next vacation, or even your next business trip. In fact, we want to invite you to take advantage of this incredible offer and book your holiday with us today!

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