Konark Sun Temple – One of the seven wonders of India!

Konark Sun Temple

India’s Temple attracts the people whenever it comes to tradition, customs, and history. Today in this blog, you will get to know one of the most famous temples of India, named Konark sun temple.

Konark Surya Temple is the 13th Century Sun Temple located in Konark, Odisha. It is made in the shape of a large chariot. You will be amazed to know that the wheels, pillars, and walls are made of using metals at the era.

It is believed that the Konark Sun Temple was built in 1250 CE and belonged to the king of the Eastern Ganga kingdom named Narasimha dev 1.

The main part of the Temple is on the brink of destruction today. Konark Sun Temple is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is also one of the seven wonders of India.

Konark Sun Temple Architecture

Konark’s name is especially composed of two words, Kona and Ark. Kona means corners, and Ark means sun.

Konark temple was built in the mouth of the Chandrabhaga river, but now its water line is getting diminished day by day.

This temple is specially made in the shape of the sun god’s chariot, and it is composed according to the traditional Kalinga system.

The whole temple was built from Khondalite stone. It has 12 pairs of wheels made of metals (3 meters wide). There are seven horses in the front (4 on the right side and three left).

The temple is built on the east side so that the sun’s first ray falls directly into the temple entrance.

Konark sun temple architecture

Measurement and halls of Konark sun temple

This overall temple height is  229 feet (70 m) high. There is a Jagmohan Hall, and audience hall in the temple, which is approximately 128 feet (30 m) long, and even today, the hall is in good condition. 

There are many more halls in the temple, including the Natya Mandir and Bhog Pavilion. The temple suffered many losses due to the fall of an Aeroplane in 1837. 

halls of Konark sun temple

Temples beside Konark Sun Temple

Two more huge temples have been found around this temple. One of which is Mahadevi Temple in the south of the entrance of Konark Sun Temple

It is believed that the Mahadevi Temple is the temple of Suraj Lord’s wife. This temple was discovered at the end of the 11th century.

The second temple near the Konark is of the Vaishnava. In this temple Statue of Balram, Varah, and Trikvkram was established.

The Statues of both the temple are now in the Archaeological Museum.

Let’s know about some interesting places & facts about Konark Sun Temple

1. The Konark Sun Temple has been constructed in the form of a chariot with 24 wheels. The diameter of a wheel is 10 feet, and there are seven horses on the chariot.

2. Amazing Konark temple is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and this is the only temple in the state of Odisha that gets the honour.

3. The Konark Sun Temple was originally built on the seaside, but now its water line is diminishing day by day. Therefore you will find the temple a little away from the sea’s shore.

seven horses on the chariot, konark

Education of mortality:

4. Two big lions have been built on the entry of the Konark Sun Temple, in which you can see a lion destroying an elephant. There is also an amazing architecture of an elephant inside the human body.

The lion symbolizes pride, and the elephant represents money. Conclusion: Many problems of human beings have been told in one view.

Two big lions have been built on the entry of the Konark temple

Dedicated to the Surya Bhagavan:

5. Surya Bhagavan is worshipped in the temple. The shape of the temple is like a huge chariot, and this temple is known for its special artwork using precious metals.

6. The wheels of the chariot of the temple act as a sundial (sundial is a device that tells the time of day when the rays of sun fall on it).

7. The main attraction of this temple is the pair of 12 wheels built in the chariot, which can show the correct time.

8. These wheels are also called the solarium. Any person can guess the right time from the shadow of the wheel.

wheels of konark sun temple

The science behind construction:

  1. A heavy magnet has been installed in the upper part of the temple, and the iron plate is attached to every two stones of the temple.
  2. The magnet has been installed in such a way that they keep floating in the air. Hence, maintaining the balance of the temple. This type of construction is one of the main reasons for people’s attraction.
  3. At the time of the colonization, the British had removed the magnet for obtaining magnetic metal. Now there is no magnet on the top of the temple.
magnet on the top of the konark sun temple

Kaala pagoda:

12. For the dark complexion of the temple, it is called Kaala pagoda. Black Pagoda (stone) is used in Odisha to reduce negative energy.

13. Every single piece of the Konark is special in itself and attracts the people. Therefore, Konark Sun Temple is one of the seven wonders of India.

Hidden facts of Konark sun temple

It took 12 years & 1200 workers to build this temple. “Kon” means the triangle of Jagannath Puri Temple, Lingraj Temple, and Sun temple, and “Ark” means sun. So together we call it “KONARK”

128 Dance Forms

You will find statues all over the temple symbolizing 128 dance forms. Some of the dance forms include Odyssey, Manipuri, Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, etc.

statues all over the temple symbolizing 128 dance form

Magnetic Foundation To control the stones

To control the stones, they used Iron nails, and to control the nails, they used a powerful magnet on the top of the temple, which was stolen by the Portuguese.

Since then, no one can pray in this temple as this temple is broken. According to Hindu mythology, no one is allowed to pray in the broken temple.

The secret of Morning, noon and evening

Inside the temple, we can see Granite Statues which look like Lord Bhramma in the morning, Lord Shiva at noon, and Lord Vishnu in the evening.

Lust Sculptures

These sculptures are to control our minds and sense. That is why it is said that leave the lust outside whenever you visit a temple.

These statues outside the sun temple indicate that you should leave the lust outside before entering the temple.

statues outside the sun temple indicate that you should leave the lust outside before entering the temple.

Temple thali

After the temple was broken, food preparation stopped in this temple. However, they used mud pots to cook at that time, which can still be found in the Jagannath puri temple.

Iron and Steel of Konark sun temple

Cement was not used to make this temple, as cement was not even invented at that time. This gigantic temple is made by joining the stone with iron nails.

Reason for strongness

The iron used to build the Sun temple neither catches rust nor gets heated with the sun. That is why the sun temple is standing straight without that magnet.

Konark sun temple iron and stone

Main Door of Konark sun temple

Another fact about Konark Sun Temple is that all the three gates of this temple are made in such a way that it appears straight from all the angles.

Konark sun temple entrace

How to reach Konark sun temple?

Konark sun Temple is 71.9 kilometers (1 hr 55 min) from Odisha’s capital Bhubaneswar (via NH316 and SH 13). 

From Puri sea beach, it is 35.8 kilometers (via Puri-Konark Marine Dr). 

Puri is 69.1 kilometers from Bhubaneswar (via Badshahi Rd/Cuttack – Puri Bypass Rd).


Where to stay in Konark?

There are countless hotels in Puri and Konark. You can book your stay online or offline reaching at the destination.

But it is always better to book in advance from, Oyo rooms, or other different online booking platforms in advance.


In summary, the Konark Sun Temple is one of the finest and most famous examples of the power, glory, and grandeur of the kings of Orissa.

Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists and pilgrims from all over the world visit this temple to witness the spectacular sun setting over the sea beach.

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