Goa – The place Of Dreams

Goa - The place Of Dreams

Goa is the perfect place of beauty. When you are planning to spend your vacation with your loved ones think about goa the place of natural beauty with a lot of long and sandy beaches but much of the place is also covered in the forest. The land in Goa falls into the beautiful western ghats of India with a vast mountain range. In the forest, there is much exotic wildlife including, giant squirrels, mongooses, Indian macaques, and more.

Goa is called the smallest state in India but it widely covers an area of 1,429 square miles. It is known as India’s party district with a large number of attractions and thing’s to do. Every year thousands of tourists visit that’s why it is the wealthiest state and also has been a beautiful state in terms of infrastructure and living standards.

Top beaches to visit

  • Baga Beach: – The best beach to relax by listening to the waves. Baga beach is one of the best beaches to spend time with your family and friends. It is famous for its stunning nightlife, beach parties, and mouth-watering seafood delicacies. For people who like crowds, dance, and music is the perfect place to be.
  • Candolim Beach: – Candolim beach is known for its scrubbed sand dunes, scenic beauty, scenic beauty, and serene atmosphere. Candolim beach is located close to the famous princess river. The fun and exciting environment with ‘Dive Goa’ activity, is visited by many tourists all around the year.
  • Dona Paula Beach: Dona Paula beach is one of the most visiting beaches by tourists in the goa it is known as “Lovers Paradise”. It is quite bruting with plenty of activities with full of romance in the air. It is in the southern part of the rocky headland where Mandovi and the Zauri rivers meet.
  • Miramar: – Miramar beach is the best scenic beach and is known as Gasper Dias beach. Across the beach, one can see the attractive fort Aguada standing. For fitness lovers who enjoy morning and evening walks, exercises or yoga can run sessions here. There are various types of handful water activities available for those who are adventure lovers.
Top beaches to visit in Goa

Top resorts in Goa

  • Radisson Blu Resort: – Radisson blu is a top-rated resort in goa which is located just 45 minutes from the goa international airport. The resort offers plenty of just on-site water fun with the sparkling pools, including one just for kids also. Visitors can enjoy the services of the best Sohum spa. Radisson Blu is also the best option for exotic wedding destinations and international conferences.
  • Dwarka Eco beach resort: – The resort is located close to cola beach. It is one of the best resort to get a perfect goa escape with a relaxing and comfortable stay where one can hear the roaring sound of the sea from the balcony.
  • Bogmallo Beach resort in goa: – The luxurious resort where you can enjoy the beach accommodation. It is located on the white sand of the secluded village of Bagmallo village.
  • Royal orchid beach resort & spa: – Royal orchid beach and resort is the best place to enjoy the holidays in South goa. This resort is situated on the beachfront near the Goa airport and Madgaon railway station. Excellent choice for a destination wedding and beachside parties full of loaded amenities.
Top resorts in Goa
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