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Singapore Luxury Tours: A Must-See Vacation Spot!

Singapore Luxury Tours enchants visitors from all over the world with its flawless blending of heritage and contemporary. Even the most discriminating travelers will be in awe of the world of luxury and pleasure beyond the city’s sparkling skyscrapers and busy streets. These exclusive and opulent tours showcase the city-state’s most extravagant offerings, inviting you to embark on a journey that will redefine your perception of luxury travel. Join us as we unveil Singapore’s top six luxury tours, where you’ll experience the perfect fusion of sophistication and charm. Get ready to be enchanted by the Lion City’s dazzling allure and immerse yourself in unparalleled luxury.

Singapore, Hong Kong, New Year on an uninhabited island in the Philippine

Experience a unique handmade trip that combines the most developed megacities with the wildest islands. Celebrate the New Year on a secluded desert island with pristine beaches and clear waters. Explore Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak for stunning skyscraper views. Enjoy the untouched beauty of Palawan’s wild islands in the Philippines. Delight in Singapore’s Chinatown cuisine and visit its famous zoo. Witness mesmerizing light shows in Gardens by the Bay. Conquer the active Taal volcano on horseback and uncover its hidden lake.

The trip costs $2,768 for 21 days, with a daily expense of $126. Twelve spots are available for fellow travelers, and no full payment is needed for reservations. Check out the package now.

The Philippines. New Year on an uninhabited island and Singapore

Set off on a stunning adventure across the Philippines, a country known for its gorgeous beaches and natural beauty. Experience the charm of romantic old cathedrals, colonial architecture, and modern megacities. Climb volcanoes, witness the fascinating flying foxes and tarsiers, and relax in soothing hot springs. Celebrate New Year on a paradisiacal uninhabited island before heading to Singapore.

In Singapore, marvel at the world’s most advanced technologies, explore various cultures, and indulge in delightful gastronomic experiences. The trip costs $2,723 for 18 days, with a daily expense of $143. 12 spots are remaining out of 15. Reserve your spot now.

Hong Kong, Singapore and Treasures of Borneo

Embark on a unique opportunity to explore the “Asian tigers,” the most developed nations of Asia, while experiencing their impressive technological advancements and stunning natural beauty. Visit Hong Kong’s famous Victoria Peak, enjoy panoramic views of Singapore from the roof of Marina Bay Sands hotel, explore the vast caves of Mulu National Park, encounter proboscis monkeys and bearded pigs in Bako National Park, unwind on pristine beaches in the islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, and visit the world’s largest water village in Brunei.

Immerse yourself in warm seas, admire temples, and savor a diverse range of delicious cuisine. The trip costs $2,290 for 17 days, with a daily expense of $127. There are 12 spots available out of 18. Book this package now.

Treasures of Borneo and Singapore

Take a fascinating tour that mixes the pristine beauty of unspoiled nature with the most technologically sophisticated city in the world. Before traveling to Borneo, the third-largest island in the world, start by taking in everything Singapore has to offer.

Marvel at the colossal caves of Mulu National Park and encounter unique wildlife in Bako National Park. Relax on stunning beaches and visit the largest water village in the world in, Brunei. Enjoy warm seas, visit temples, and indulge in some of Asia’s finest cuisine. The trip costs $1,825 for 14 days, with a daily expense of $122. 12 spots are remaining out of 18, and no payment is required for reservations. Book now.

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Hong Kong, Singapore: Asian tigers

Experience the super modern nations of Asia, known for their cutting-edge technologies and rich cultural heritage. Marvel at breathtaking views from Victoria Peak and the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel. Immerse yourself in the vibrant streets, visiting temples and forts and savoring finger-licking food in hidden gems.

Explore one of the world’s best zoos, indulge in the futuristic Gardens by the Bay, and relax on tranquil beaches along the South China Sea. The trip costs $1,199 for 7 days, with a daily expense of $150. There are 2 spots left out of 12. Hurry up book this package now.

Food tour to Malaysia and Singapore. Fantastic tastes

Experience the incredible diversity of cuisine by bringing together Chinese, Indians, Malays, and tribal people in a small area. Indulge in delectable seafood on Borneo Island, savor the famous duck with noodles in Singapore, and enjoy steamed dim sum on Penang Island. Delight in tropical fruits like durian, mango, mangosteen, rambutan, snake fruit salak, and pineapple. Witness future technologies and mesmerizing light shows in the futuristic Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

Relax on the pristine beaches near Borneo and Penang. Explore the vast Niah Cave and learn about the fascinating traditions of former headhunter tribes. The trip costs $2,290 for 11 days, with a daily expense of $191. 2 spots remain out of 12. Reserve your seats now.

Mission Possible 2: Thailand+Singapore!

Join us on a 12-day journey of contrasts, where history, nature, and the future converge. Explore three islands, visit two countries, and experience the beauty of Southeast Asia. Begin in Singapore, witnessing its man-made wonders and famous zoo. Continue to Bangkok, where historical and religious sites await, including a day trip to Ayutthaya. Explore Phuket Island’s stunning beaches and nature. Journey through Phang Nga province to Krabi, encountering magnificent bays, caves, monkeys, mangroves, and a trip to the Phi Phi Islands.

The tour costs $1,449, with a discounted price of $1,419, averaging $110 per day. Five spots are available, and no full payment is required for reservations. Book this package now.

Singapore and Hong Kong. History and modernity

Take a fascinating tour of Singapore and Hong Kong, Asia’s most industrialized nations. Explore the old districts, temples, and iconic eateries while immersing yourself in traditions and heritage. Witness the latest achievements in science and architecture. Relax on pristine beaches and in beautiful parks surrounded by exotic plants and birds. Learn about futuristic technology and enjoy mesmerizing light shows at the Gardens by the Bay. Indulge in delicious duck and noodle dishes at Chinatown’s famous food court. Visit world-class zoos and witness the impressive forest of skyscrapers in Hong Kong’s financial center.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness unique religious rituals and visit the renowned Big Buddha statue. The 7-day trip costs $1,199, with a daily expense of $150. There are 12 spots available, and reservations do not require full payment. Book now.


In conclusion, Singapore Luxury Tours offers an unmatched experience that combines modernity, tradition, and luxury. From soaring skyscrapers to serene gardens, from Michelin-starred dining to exclusive shopping, these tours showcase the pinnacle of luxury travel in the Lion City. Explore iconic Marina Bay Sands, take a private yacht cruise, or savor Singaporean cuisine at renowned restaurants. Each tour promises an unforgettable journey filled with sophistication and charm.

Discover hidden gems, immerse in vibrant culture, and be captivated by sheer luxury in Singapore. Embark on these eight extraordinary tours to redefine your perception of luxury travel. Experience the best of Singapore, where dreams of an indulgent escape come to life.

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